Developing leaders since 2018

BestHuman™ (formerly Locelle), is a professional development platform company providing leadership learning programs for distributed teams.

Founded in 2018, by Humaira Ahmed, our award-winning business has provided professional development opportunities to over 4,000 participants worldwide.

In a constantly evolving and demanding workforce, the company is dedicated to supporting workplaces by empowering leaders to achieve their utmost potential and build motivated teams.

BestHuman leverages the power of executive coaching, a unique learning platform supported by cutting-edge technology, and human-centred learning methodologies to deliver leadership development programs that cultivate inspiring leaders.

Inspiring Stories of Growth

Our participants' success stories speak volumes about the transformational power of BestHuman's coaching and mentorship programs

4.6 star average participant rating

Over 50 of our staff have participated. I’ve heard remarkable stories of personal change, career progression and cultural enhancement of our organization

Scott Phillips
CEO, StarFish Medical
Wordcloud from learning outcomes
Leadership Team Cohort, Zetron

Realizing Growth and Excellence

At BestHuman, we're committed to helping individuals achieve their career and personal goals. Here are some of the profound learning outcomes our participants have experienced

Participants in our leadership programs have reported a significant increase in their ability to inspire and lead teams effectively.
They've developed a clearer vision of their leadership style and its impact.

Individual contributors who engaged in our programs have not only gained valuable insights from experts but have also formed lasting connections with teams globally, fostering ongoing learning and team communication.

Our executive coaching clients have experienced breakthroughs in tackling complex challenges.
They've refined their decision-making, communication, and strategic leadership abilities, leading to tangible career advancements.

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